Straw bale "Troll House" at Ithaca Children's Garden
Image by Sandy Repp

Straw bale & timber frame "Troll House" while under construction

Ithaca Children's Garden

Located in Cass Park, the Ithaca Children's Garden has a community built, timber frame, straw bale "Troll House", a plastic bottle greenhouse, a number of gardens and much more. Visit their website for more information!

Contact Name(s): Erin Marteal

Address: South end of Cass Park, Rte. 89, Ithaca

Type of Building: Public Garden

Year Built: Established in 1999, the "building" of ICG is an on-going community effort!

Building Features: Tour our brand new Green Trail, which features all of the sustainable elements of the Ithaca Children's Garden -- old, new and coming soon! The tour includes rain water catchment systems, a straw-bale timber-framed house with a green roof, solar panels on our Kid's Kitchen, a mobile chicken coop and honeybee hives.

Last updated September 29, 2015